October 12, 2015

Today I am thrilled to launch a campaign for literacy, Books 4 Every Child™.

It’s my passion and belief that every child deserves the right to be literate.  But literacy takes books – something that many of us take for granted.  In Where is Pidge?, Pidge loves to read and is lucky enough to always have a book on hand.  Her books keep her company and teach her empathy, by opening her eyes to the world around her.  With my Pidge Promise™ program, we encourage children to read more books.  But many children don’t have books readily available to them.  And every child deserves a book.

With Books 4 Every Child, I hope to put a book in the hands of every child.  As the Event Chair of the Barbara Bush Celebration of Reading in Dallas, I have kicked off my campaign by donating 1,000 copies of Where is Pidge? to be given to the attendees of the Event, and will ask attendees to support literacy by giving their books to a child, family or community organization of their choice.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more or participate in my campaign.  I would love to partner with individuals, schools, corporations, non-profits – anyone with a shared passion for literacy.  Together we can put books in the hand of every child and establish literacy as a value in every home.



Michelle Staubach Grimes