Pidge Takes the Stage


About the Book:

In this sequel to Where is Pidge?, our young hero decides to audition for the school musical along with her canine buddy Maverick. Not everyone thinks Pidge can learn to sing or Maverick can be trained, but Pidge believes. Through their theatrical escapades, Pidge discovers that singing requires hard work, and that Maverick might not be ready for his stage debut after all.  And by the end, Pidge understands that being a star is all a matter of perspective, and unconditional love matters more than fame.


Where is Pidge?

Where is Pidge book cover

About the Book:

Pidge, a middle child of seven siblings, is angry with her family after being left behind at a restaurant. She decides to run away to prove to her family that they won’t miss her. To escape from her house unnoticed, Pidge slides down the laundry chute with a plan to sneak out the backdoor. Her plan is foiled when she gets stuck in the laundry chute on her brother’s football pads. As she spends hours in the laundry chute, various items owned by her siblings come down the laundry chute, not only dirty clothes. Her mischievous little brother throws down a basketball shoe and baseball glove. Pidge finds candy in a pair of pants and enjoys being in the chute for some time as “no one can tell her what to do” and she gets to eat lots of candy. However, as the day continues, she becomes cold and develops a stomachache. She begins to wonder if she misses her family and starts to shiver. Pidge puts on her siblings clothes in the laundry chute and wraps herself in her sister’s blankie to ease her chills. Pidge becomes sad thinking about not being with her family. She must find a way out of the chute. Her family can’t hear her because the clothes in the chute muffle her voice.

However, Pidge hears the family dog, Maverick, barking and her mom’s voice. Pidge now must act. She pushes one of her legs through the football pads and nudges the laundry chute door open, hoping to get Maverick’s attention. Maverick goes wild and all her family runs into the laundry room to see why Maverick is barking and scratching at the laundry chute door. Pidge’s dad opens the laundry chute door and “there is Pidge.” Her family is relieved to find Pidge. She tells her dad that she tried to run away because she “hates being the middle child and being forgotten.” Pidge’s parents explain to her that being in the middle is a good thing, as she is loved on all sides. Pidge’s siblings then tell her that a day without Pidge was a disaster. Pidge learns how much she is loved and needed, ending the day reading her book and hand-feeding Maverick.

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